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 JLG Trees has been serving the Los Angeles, Ventura, and surrounding counties for over 25 years.

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Tree trimming and land services have become something that is needed as our cities expand. When trees get too overgrown, they bear a risk to any property that surrounds them. If a tree is pruned from the time it is planted, it has a better chance of staying healthy and growing safely versus causing a risk of damage. If a tree needs to have cables and braces installed to protect its livelihood, that is a service we offer.

Choosing where to plant a tree or many different trees can be difficult without the help of experts. Trees grow and flourish in the forests, but they can be deficient in the nutrients they need to grow in urban or suburban soil. Planting something and watching it flourish is always satisfying, and we pride ourselves on our talents to achieve this growth. We have saved trees with specific tools and different supplements to nurse a sick tree back to

health and fix any other problems a tree may have while growing in these areas.

Depending on your needs, different processes need to take place. After the customer’s needs are voiced, the initial meeting will be followed by a team coming out to the site and accessing what is needed to complete the job efficiently. If you need assistance in figuring out what your trees needs are or need a removal, pruning, skinning, we are your people. When it comes to trees, JLG knows what to do.

We have our whole process laid out to see how easy it will be for us to come out to you to provide the best services in the Los Angeles and Ventura County area.

Our Process

Our certified tree analysts will assess the area and measure where the tree needs to fall. To prepare for the cut in the tree, the area around the tree will be cleared and the cut will be made to guide the tree to fall in the measured direction. All branches and scraps will be disposed of and debris will be chipped away upon request.

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What is the tree removal process?

The removal process at JLG trees consists of directing the crew to the trees that will be removed which are marked with colored tape. Once that has been done, we clear and move anything in the surrounding area. We cover anything in the work zone to avoid branches or debris entering and breaking the item. At JLG Trees we do not allow for any freefall of any branches or limbs. To avoid freefall we rope everything down and use a pulley rigging system. The pulley rigging system allows us to bring down every branch and limb down slowly and safely.

Do we chip away the debris?

 Yes. Chipping away the debris, especially in the Ventura/LA County areas, can be a saving factor from fires in this area. When adding the chippings to your landscapes, they can be an added aesthetic yet have a safety functionality.

Do we have a bucket truck to trim trees?

Yes. We are prepared with all of the tools needed to handle full-service tree removal. We will manage all steps in removing a tree, which includes the cleanup.

How long will it take to complete the job?

After determining the tree’s size and what tools are needed to remove the tree or trim it safely, we will clean up the area around the tree and determine where the tree will need to fall. After this, the cutting of the tree should only take a few hours.

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