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What is the tree removal process?

The removal process at JLG trees consists of directing the crew to the trees that will be removed which are marked with colored tape. Once that has been done, we clear and move anything in the surrounding area. We cover anything in the work zone to avoid branches or debris entering and breaking the item. At JLG Trees we do not allow for any freefall of any branches or limbs. To avoid freefall we rope everything down and use a pulley rigging system. The pulley rigging system allows us to bring down every branch and limb down slowly and safely.

Do we chip away the debris?

 Yes. Chipping away the debris, especially in the Ventura/LA County areas, can be a saving factor from fires in this area. When adding the chippings to your landscapes, they can be an added aesthetic yet have a safety functionality.

Do we have a bucket truck to trim trees?

Yes. We are prepared with all of the tools needed to handle full-service tree removal. We will manage all steps in removing a tree, which includes the cleanup.

How long will it take to complete the job?

After determining the tree’s size and what tools are needed to remove the tree or trim it safely, we will clean up the area around the tree and determine where the tree will need to fall. After this, the cutting of the tree should only take a few hours.