About Our Tree Removal Company

JLG Trees provides a wide range of tree services to meet our customers’ tree care needs.

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What We Do


Tree or Stump Removal

Eco-friendly process in removing trees, stumps and their roots.


Tree Pruning or Palm Skinning

Strategic methods to safely and efficiently trim any type of tree.


Landscaping Design

An art that not all tree service companies have.

About JLG Trees

Being a family-owned business, we developed a vision to provide the best quality work. For over 27 years, we have achieved just that. JLG Landscaping has established a reputation of top quality work with budget-friendly pricing. JLG has provided residential, commercial, and public agencies with tree care services in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and all surrounding areas. We strive towards eco-friendly, efficient tree servicing and are dedicated to you and all of your tree care needs. We will provide maintenance care for all of your tree and landscaping areas. We love being able to grow our clients dream landscape and watch it flourish. 

We started from humble beginnings by going door to door, asking the community if they were interested in getting their trees done. Little by little, our rolodex grew from referrals, which led largely to commercial properties and our company transitioned into a professional setting.

Our tree removal service has grown alongside the trees. We hold ourselves to the standard of having the most qualified arborists in the tree service business to ensure your job is completed efficiently and safely. With service-specific equipment we are prepared for any type of tree service whether that be tree trimming or any landscaping need. We have built a team of highly skilled individuals in the science of tree removal. Our registered arborists have been with our business for many years now, and we have all grown to achieve the high standard of customer satisfaction. 

In turn, now, we can offer emergency services, and our phone lines are always available to answer any questions and resolve any problems. JLG Landscaping has highly skilled individuals committed to providing a safe environment and excellent services to our clients.

No job is too big or too small for JLG Landscaping.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

When removing a tree, there is a right way and a way that affects all the surrounding greenery. When we do removals, we dig up all of the roots and recycle the stump accordingly.


The Newest Technology Repairs

Whether you need a landscaping job done, a tree pruning, palm tree skinning, or tree removal, we have the tools to do so.


High Quality Construction Management

Removing a tree can have its risks and needs to be done with precaution. Our team is fully equipped with all the safeguard tools necessary and is ready to promptly handle a job and finish in the fastest time possible.

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“I cannot recommend JLG Landscaping & Tree Service more highly. Jose Gonzalez and his team have been maintaining our properties for years, and they’re the very best in the business. They’ve solved every problem I’ve ever had and there have been some wildly catastrophic problems, with speed, professionalism, and grace. Always courteous, always knowledgeable, and always ingenuitive, I trust them completely. They’ve done service at my house and my business. Look no further!”

Jill Meer -Ross Centers Business Management

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